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Yea, yea, yea, but what is it?

The WRT is a 3 day and perhaps more importantly 2 night ride through and around mid Wales. You'll be expected to be self sufficient, carrying everything you need and sleeping out in or under whatever you think best. It's not elitist, entry is open to anyone who wants to try it. All the money raised by the WRT goes to the Wales Air Ambulance charity ... an organisation I hope you'll never need.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shameless self promotion ... the cheek!

Slightly odd one this but here goes. A couple of people have been in touch about entering the WRT but have concerns about their ability/kit/or just the fact that they're bikepacking virgins ... with me so far?
At Forest Freeride (yes that's me but I'm sure you knew that) besides the usual skills training, guiding, etc we also run bikepacking trips and there's two trips before the WRT ... are you still with me?

The outcome of the above is that a couple of people are booking themselves on these trips to gain some experience/try kit out/get an idea of the terrain. A sensible idea, so I thought I'd throw it open in case anyone else fancies it. If you're interested you can find out more here ...

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